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Nawaz Sharif Ex PM Expected to Reach Gujranwala

Nawaz Sharif Ex PM expected to reach Gujranwala today as GT Road rally enters third day

Nawaz Sharif Ex PM Of Pakistan expected to reach Gujranwala today as GT Road rally enters third day After overnight stay at a hotel on the Jurum River, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resumed his long trip to Lahore.

Via his Grand Trunk (GT) Road. Today, he is expected to stop at Gujranwala. Possible stops along the way include Kharian, Lalamusa and Gujrat. News reported that the Sharif convoy approaching the Kharian can hear a half-naked song in Khwan Cantonment.

It is estimated that about 2000-3000 people are waiting to welcome the procession at Karri. Gujranwala's PML-N workers have set up a stage and a sound system for the former prime minister to address his faithful people. The rally, which began on Wednesday, was stopped yesterday in a place where four days yesterday spoke to his supporters at the junction and reconciled his harshest criticism of the judiciary.

I became a prime minister through a vote, but five honorable judges sent me home. Only those who vote politicians for power have the right to retire them, "Nawaz said. Sharif made a clear address to the judges who dismissed him. "How can you answer your God, what kind of an answer can you give to this country? People want answers to all these questions."

Police arrested a suspicious character outside the hotel where Sharif spent the night. The man claimed to have met the former prime minister. Indian Prime Minister Talal Chaudhry, who repeats Prime Minister's remarks, said he would end his insults to the people's mandate, although Prime Minister Sharif was not prepared to return to power.

Sheikh Rashid, leader of Awami Muslim League, said in an interview with DawnNews today that Sharif will show "Power Show" in a day. You can push everything you want, but ultimately what you do is to present a statement," Rashid said. "He can not tell what his mission is.

News advised that the convoy should stop only in areas where security checks were received.

The rally had made it wait outside the Punjabi for the hope of attracting more and more people, but if it had not happened, the convoy ran away from Rawalpindi area and disappointed local leaders, bypassing the planned intervention of Laval and Gujar Khan. Set up the camp to recruit leaders. Interestingly, Prime Minister Sharif had traveled through precincts of former Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, making it difficult for other vehicles, including those burning congress and security forces, to travel. I have to keep up with it.

Former Secretary of State, Sharif 's convoy was in the Capitol when he passed his constituency and attempted to prevent speculation about his absence at the yesterday rally. Speculators said the main attractions were skipped due to low turnouts.

The PML-N High Commissioner expressed his dissatisfaction with the convention and asked Senator Pervaiz Rashid and Senator Khawaja Saad Rafique to pass this on to local party leaders. According to local leaders, Nawaz Sharif informed his anger by not inviting all the local leaders except Chaudhry Tanveer and his son to courage. He also did not mention local leadership in his speech.

Nawaz condemned the rally. 

Imran Khan, chairman of the PTI, was on Twitter Thursday to accuse Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of being a failed prime minister. Imran challenged Nabo to do everything he could think to move the blame. But in the end, the game is over and you can not avoid the feeling of a lost sinking.

The PTI chairman also criticized Nawaz for taking refuge in his courage and hiding behind bullet-proof glass. Speaking of bulletproof vehicles does not cause confidence in the already shrinking crowd.

Sharif's daughter Maryam Nawaz replied to Khan's tweet in response to the criticism leveled by the director of the PTI, "The struggle of Nawaz Sharif is greater than everything ..." "You [Imran] have lost it completely, your heartache can be understood, you are irrelevant," he said. Tehmina Durrani, Shahbaz Sharif's chief minister.

Shared a tweet aimed at the rally, revealing confidence in Sharif's perception of the split. Durrani went one step further Thursday before Nawaz Sharif asked Shahbaz Sharif to be given responsibility to protect and support his party's rallies, and Nawaz's "immature torturers" ruled that he was responsible for his expulsion. Durrani also brought Nawaz's advisor with an unusual start to the house with "ill-advice". 

Nawaz Sharif Sahib You have hired the most ordinary assistant.You have rejected the most sincere, politically experienced and intelligent colleagues.Your consultant is immature and not faithful to your sight.Your welfare and role.You are your I lost it for. Pakistan is complicated nation.

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