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Legend of Cricket in The Shadows

legend of cricket in the shadows 2017

When he first started batting for a test match, Fawad Alam found that he had made a green hat and already made his father proud. Not only did he make his debut, he became Pakistan's first and only player. Unfortunately, it was not revealed with a matching victory effort. And Pakistan lost the match. But for a while it seemed that Pakistan had had a chance at battering prodigies. Born in Karachi, a cricket enthusiast, Fawad Alam has never been able to sail smoothly on international cricket. Despite scoring an average batting average of 56.51 and scoring 11,722 in first class, he is still being ignored because of his best known reason.

With the Pakistani strike in mind, even those suspicious of Pakistan believe they deserve a fair chance. Fawad fandom, who has been a worshiper for the last three years, has launched the #JusticeForFawad campaign on social media that has been excluded from the team.

Pawar de Alam, with a first-round average of 56.51, is a domestic superstar. Eos discusses why he nods the selector's head. Speaking to Eos, Fawad talks about how disappointed he is when he overlooks Select, hopes for a comeback, and how he can always adapt.

First of all, I have been leading the domestic batting chart for years, but the selector turned his eyes. Why?

Fawad Alam: To be honest, I do not know why I did not choose. I try to give 100% for every season I do. I believe that you are a player who can only perform and hope for the best. The remainder is for the selector. I can not help but think that I am being tested by Almighty Allah. I mean there is no other reason I can think. As a Muslim, it is our belief that only those who love him are tested by him. Maybe I find comfort in the fact that I am one of them.

Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan recently retired from the test cricket, leaving two places in the middle position. Have you ever seen a return since the spot will grab you?

FA: No one can replace Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan. The contributions of Misbah Bhai and Younis Bhai to Pakistan crickets are too large. Pakistan crickets have lost track of their team's responsibilities. They have done a great job and are a place for everyone to see.

As for my comeback, as I said before, I just want to play in Pakistan. I did not have a chance before. There were times when there were two or three public places in the ODI team. But for some reason the team has not been selected.

I will be 32 years old this October. Do you think it 's time to comeback?

FA: Age is only a number and Misbah Bhai is a living example of it. He returned to the team in his mid thirties when most of his players retired from cricket. It is up to you to do your best. You must put your feet on the ground, fit, for your power, and above all, the Almighty.

Is it disappointing that you can not select it in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchise this year?

FA: I lied if I said I did not feel anything. I felt really disappointed. On the other hand, you are winning the domestic T20 Championship for your area, and on the other hand are not considered Pakistan's best T20 league. Of course, it's going to get you confused, but I am now familiar with this kind of treatment. Looking at my career, it has become that pattern so far.

Some players are using PSL without even a local team. Anyway, we will not ignore this because we have added an additional franchise for PSL's car boards.

Have you ever discussed selection issues with head coaches or selectors?

FA: No, I did not tell anyone. And I have no plans to do that. I always let my bat speak for me. The player's job is to do his best. And that's what I do. He should not depend on others to enter the team. Sometimes, whatever you do, you may not get the results you want. Is that so? But I believe that someday I will work hard and I will represent Pakistan soon.

I will lie if I say I do not feel anything. I felt really disappointed. On the other hand, you are winning the domestic T20 Championship for your area and, on the other hand, you are not even considered to be the best T20 league in Pakistan. "

Many of our contemporaries threatened to move or move to the UK, Australia and South Africa to find better prospects.

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