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US Lays Out Criteria For Visa Applicants

US lays out criteria for visa applicants from six Muslim nations

Visa applicants from six Muslim countries are required to have a formal relationship with a US family relationship or US organization in order to enter the United States under the guidelines that the US Department of State will distribute on Wednesday.

These guidelines defined close relationships with close family relationships, including siblings and other family relationships, including parents, spouse, children, adult son or daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or siblings. The cable was distributed to all US diplomatic missions and was shown by Reuters.

This cable, which was first reported by the Associated Press, includes grandparents, grandchildren, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin, brother-law, father-in-law and other extended family members. "

It also stated that the relationship with American corporations should be "official, not documented, and not formalized," and should be composed of general processes, not EO avoidance purposes. " Donald Trump's March 6 executive order, which bans most trips to the United States, is 90 days by citizens of six countries.

This cable provides advice to the US Consulate on how to interpret the Supreme Court decision on Monday that allowed some of the administrative orders forbidden by the court to be implemented while the US Supreme Court considered this issue.

The six countries to which citizenship is granted under administrative orders are Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Asked about Wednesday night's guidelines, the State Department declined to comment on internal communications.

The language of this cable closely reflected the Supreme Court's order to ban travel, but in a narrow sense, especially in the definition of a close family.

It was unclear whether Wednesday's interpretation of the State Department's order would trigger further legal action by opponents.

The guidelines provided some examples of good relationships with US corporations and said that a broad category would be exempt from travel restrictions like those eligible for student visas. It is unique to the visa classification. "

Likewise, families who apply for an immigrant visa or those eligible for employment are exempt from travel restrictions, Cable said.

The Cable Broadcast said, "Employees who accept employment proposals from US companies or invited instructors to audiences in the United States will be exempt from travel restrictions." Simply consider those who make hotel reservations to have a good relationship.

Trump 's enforcement order banned 120 days of refugee entry to the United States. But the Supreme Court on Monday said the ban does not include "people who can claim to have a trusted relationship with an American individual or organization".

The US Department of State guidance was not clear as to what the US refugee agency considers to be a major issue, that is, whether the dealings with refugees wanting to come to the United States constitute a good relationship.

The cable said the consulate should continue to meet with so-called diversity visa applicants, who are usually given to individuals in countries that do not send immigrants to the United States. According to State Department statistics, approximately 10,500 citizens from six prohibited countries were selected for the Diversity Visa Draw in 2015.

The travel ban is likely to stop issuing visas for citizens in six countries, Cable acknowledged. "It is anticipated that the likelihood of EO entry to the DV applicant being exempted or being exempted is very low

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