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Unemployment Looms For Aussie Cricketers

Unemployment looms for Aussie cricketers, warns union

More than 200 of Australia's top cricketers will face unemployment in a few days, and there will be a violent wage dispute that will not be resolved by the deadline on Friday, union member Greg Dyer warned.

Australia's top cricket players will expire on June 30 unless a new MoU is signed between Cricket Australia (CA) and the Australian Cricket Association (ACA).

ACA President Dyer said the players and Cricket Australia are maintaining a "long gap" on the main issue, and the union is preparing unemployed for its members.

Dyer said in an interview with local media on Tuesday that "it is very likely that he will jump on the cliffs as of July 1". "The basics of this deal are not going to be solved.

"200 of the oldest cricket players in Australia are unemployed as of July 1. We will support them in every way possible, but they are unemployed."

The heart of the dispute is a long-standing contract that provides players with a percentage of game revenue. CA says they do not invest enough in grassroots.

The CA proposed a revised deal on Friday, but the union immediately rejected it.

Unless the deadlock is over, South Africa's A-Tours in South Africa, a series of two trials in Bangladesh, and limited travel in India are threatened.

CA refused to comment on the negotiations, but said it had "committed 100%" to resolving the memorandum of understanding by the deadline when it announced its proposed amendments last week.

Ed Cowan, the Australian Opening Test of the contract in New South Wales, said Steve Smith's test on boarding the airplane in Bangladesh starting August 27, It looked.

"The next line of sand will probably be a Bangladesh tour, will the players go to the end of August? My gut feeling is probably sad and I do not know for security reasons."

The ACA is already showing moves to prepare locks to start the business of managing and marketing players' intellectual property.

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