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Trump-Modi Statement Removes Morality From US

Trump-Modi statement removes morality from US foreign policy: Imran Khan

A Pakistani spokesman for Pakistan's Imran Khan said on Tuesday that US Secretary of State Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a joint statement on US foreign policy and various aspects .

Khan pointed out that the White House Joint Statement by leaders of the world's two largest economies has helped US foreign policy morally.

"The Trump-Modi statement removed moral and justice fig leaves from American foreign policy based solely on arms sales and financial interests," wrote the PTI chairman on Twitter.

PTI Chairman noted that during the two-day visit to Washington, Modi sold high-tech military equipment to India approved by the Trump Administration.

The deal included $ 2 billion of Navy surveillance in India and $ 366 million in C-17 transports.

With the sale of military equipment, the US and the Indian government are seeking greater military cooperation.

Afghanistan policy will hinder resolution.
In the following tweets, PTI Chairman also criticized the Trump Administration's Afghan policy and the US's admission of India's role in Afghanistan.

"Trump does not play an interventionist role in India when India is bordering Afghanistan, unlike India," Khan wrote on Twitter.

"Trump's policy in Afghanistan has already exacerbated the situation and will prevent the settlement of the conflict," Khan warned.

At a bilateral meeting with the Indian prime minister, Trump said he would like to thank the people of India for his contribution to development in Afghanistan.

Modi said that India would "maintain close consultations and dialogue with the United States" in order to achieve a common goal of "peace and stability."

The United States also suggested that New Delhi help with its connection with Kabul.

Concerns have been raised in the United States and in Islamabad that the Trump administration's actions could jeopardize Pakistan-US relations and heighten tensions between Pakistan and India.

Washington is considering deploying additional troops of up to 5,000 to help local troops fighting Afghan rebel groups.

This deployment is the largest US workforce under the young president of Donald Trump.

'The trumpet and saddle trumpet'
Khan also argued that the move by the United States to appoint Saed Salahuddin of Hizbul Mujahideen, a Kashmir separatist group, as a world terrorist was a sign that Trump was consistent with "indomitable India".

He condemned the suppression of India in Kashmir as an oppression of Palestinians.

"Khan wrote on Twitter," Trump to oppress India as the United States supports Palestinian oppressors by trying to drive terrorism from the Kashmiri free struggle.

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