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Trump-Modi Nexus Worries Pakistan

The Foreign Ministry expressed concern Wednesday on a recent India - US Joint Statement and expressed concern that it could add to tensions between Pakistan and India.

"The Joint Statement does not help achieve strategic stability and durable peace goals in South Asia, and the FO is already aggravating the already tense situation because it fails to address the main causes of tensions and instability in the region," he said. The FO is meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House in the Indian-American Joint Statement ("Prosperity through Partnership" issued Tuesday after Donald President).

Indian officials are concerned about India 's strong statement on a terrorist attack in Pakistan, human rights violations in India' s IHK, and US concerns about US high - tech military equipment sales. India.

The statement urged Pakistani leaders to ensure that their territory is not used to stop terrorist attacks on other countries, as they were committed by Pakistani-based organizations, Mumbai, Pathankot and other border-crossing terrorist attacks.

A similar message has been sent to the latest statement, but it is believed to contain the most powerful expression of the "cross-section" and "Pakistan-based organization" compared to the joint statement issued by the two countries in the past.

The United States, before the Trump-Modi meeting, named Syed Salahuddin, the leader of Hizbul Mujahideen, as a specially designated world terrorist. The United States welcomed the move to India as evidence of American cooperation with terrorism.

Syed Mohammed Yusuf Shah or Syed Salahuddin was born and raised in Budgam Soibugh in the Kashmir valley.

Hizbul Mujahideen leader Syed Salahuddin listed global terrorists; Nisar argues that the United States now uses the Indian language.

He was influenced by Jamaat-i-Islami in college and became a member of the Jammu and Kashmir branches.

In 1987, Yusuf Shah decided to cast a vote for the Islamic Union (EuL) on the Joint General Assembly. He came second, as Ghulam Mohiuddin Shah of the moderate national convention was seized and arrested and imprisoned for violent incitement.

After being arrested for violent demonstrations and release in 1989, he joined Hizbul Mujahideen, founded by Mohammad Ahsan Dar's "Master". He later separated from the organization. Salahuddin took his name after Salahuddin Ayubi, the leader of the Muslim army in the 12th century, who took office in 1990 and fought in the Crusades.

Given the fact that the Trump Administration is in the final stages of formulating South Asian policy, Pakistan is especially concerned that the sign of the US may be closer to India's position on crossing the border.

"Pakistan has been a major victim of terrorism in the region, and its contribution and sacrifice is unmatched in its fight against terrorism," he said.

The FO emphasized that Pakistan is "making steady progress in removing terrorists and their networks from the soil without discrimination." "We reiterated our commitment to bring the war on terror to a logical conclusion by removing this disaster from our soil."

The FO said Pakistan expects the international community to clearly support its war on terror.

The FO recalled that India, which was trying to make its leadership role in the war on terror, was behind terrorism by supporting Terry Laliban (TTP) as a spokesman in Pakistan.

Without mentioning Salahuddin's designation, the FO said the US move was unacceptable.

"We can not accept an attempt to equate peaceful indigenous Kashimiri struggle with terrorism and to elect individuals who support the right to self-determination as a terrorist," he said.

The FO regretted that President Trump did not make peace with his neighbors using a meeting with PM Modi. "India has been" losing the opportunity to change the fateful policy of peace in the region, "and to continue ending total human rights violations in Kashmir and ending religious minorities persecution in India," he said.

Pakistan firmly believed in the legitimacy of the cause of Kashmir and supported the Kashmir struggle, but at the same time, "India and peaceful means are ready to resolve all outstanding conflicts with the UN, especially all disputes with India" ".

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