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Shootout kings Germany Confident Against Mexico

Germany is the king of the penalty kickout, but the world champion hopes to avoid a frightful jump kick to watch Mexico at the Confederations Cup semifinals on Tuesday.

In the World Cup and the European Championship in Germany, he has won all five matches since 1976.

Johkim Rowe's team will face Portugal and Chile at the Socceroos Confed Cup final in Sochi, Mexico, in Sochi. They were meeting on Wednesday in another semi-final in Kazakhstan.

Germany, which won the Confed Cup, has been unbeaten in 13 months and has lost to France after a semi-final defeat at Euro 2016.

Left-back Jonas Hector said young German catchers have not practiced free-kicks yet and hope to win Mexico for 90 minutes.

"We want to avoid this situation. [Penalty]" Hector admitted.

"We have not specifically trained and will continue to accept it," he said. Nevertheless, Germans seem to be punished for their blood.

Their U-21 squad advanced to the finals of the U-21 European Championship final on Friday in a 4-3 penalty shoot-out against England on Tuesday.

Row said he did not have a list of people receiving his top five penalties.

"Sometimes the athletes practice after training, but they can not train what happens at night," the German coach said. "If that happens, we'll look at the players' faces after the final whistle and make the decision after considering the person who is ready and has missed them in the past," Low added.

The Germans are expecting a royal battle against the comeback king of Mexico.

2-2 draw with Portugal 2-1 to beat New Zealand and Russia 2-1.

"It will be aggressive in a positive sense, and that's how they have played for years," Lowe said. "They hunt the ball with all players, and when they have the ball they jump quickly."

German coach Joachim Loew will attend the press conference - AFP
German coach Joachim Loew will attend the press conference - AFP
Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio (Mexico) does not have the flamboyant captain Andres Guardado.

Lowe is expected to return with left-handed Hector Hector with Lars Stindl, who now scored twice in Russia.

Loew said Marc-Andre ter Stegen of Barcelona will be the goalkeeper for the rest while Manuel Neuer is missing the Confed Cup after foot surgery.

Mexico's prominent scorer Javier Hernandez knows everything about German football after two seasons with Bayer Leverkusen.

"We know things that can put pressure on them, we will focus on our team and tactics," said Manchester United striker former Manchester United striker.

The German team finished third in the 2005 Mexico Cup and defeated Mexico 4-3.

They expect to advance to Sunday's final without hiding their confidence.

"I think I'm headed for St. Petersburg in terms of shark emotions," Lowe said.

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