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Nato Says To Send More

Nato says to send more forces to Afghan war

NATO allies have agreed to send troops to Afghanistan on Thursday, and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he will focus on Afghan special operations force support.

Stoltenberg, who spoke after a meeting of defense ministers in Brussels, said the Holy Land used by insurgents on the Pakistani border "should respond as part of resolving conflicts."

'America, allies have withdrawn too quickly from Afghanistan'
The US Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, has vowed to stick to the war, refusing to end the war, although US and NATO allies said they could dispatch troops too soon in Afghanistan.

At a NATO defense ministerial meeting, Matisse said in a press conference to discuss the Afghanistan issue, "There is a consensus that we want to withdraw the troops too soon and reduce the numbers too soon.

US troops in Afghanistan are under 100,000 soldiers in 2011.

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