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Myanmar Journalists Detained For Covering

Myanmar journalists detained for covering armed group

Myanmar has indicted three reporters on Wednesday for reporting on the militant group in an incident that aroused alarm in the erosion of free speech.

Five men, including a trio, are now being moved to the Hsipaw prison in Shan State and are waiting for their first day in court, AFP reported.

They were indicted under paragraph 1 of the strict unlawful collective law, up to three years in prison.

The bill, which was widely used by journalists and activists by former Military Gunta who resigned in 2011, opened the way for Aung San Suu Kyi, a pro-democracy activist, to take power last year.

"Five men - three journalists and two drivers - were perjured this afternoon according to the illegal association statute 17/1," the police said.

They completed one of the seven arrests in the army on Monday and organized the anti-drug campaign organized by the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), one of several rebel groups fighting the country.

Reporters consisted of Irrawaddy and DVB reporters. For many years they have challenged the thorough publication of the free expression of the former military.

A senior aide to Suu Kyi, who had spent 20 years in house arrest, previously ignoring the military, defended this charge. "The former political prisoner, Hintin, told the Central News Bureau broadcaster," It is true that we broke the law to meet ethnic groups.

He said it was wrong for the army to start the process, but "the government insisted on taking action against reporters.

The military said Monday that the group was stopped near the village of Phayargyi in Shan State, not far from where the TNLA fighter clashed with the army.

Several soldiers and four insurgents have been killed since a fresh battle was launched last week after an army discovers a training camp for troops last Wednesday, British media reported.

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