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MNA Jamshed Dasti Says Being Subjected To Forced

MNA Jamshed Dasti says being subjected to forced starvation, torture by police

ANA Jamahed Ahmed Dasti, who was arrested by police for 6 days on June 23, claimed he was tortured and starved to death by police at Multan Central Jail.

On Thursday, in a disturbing video broadcast, Dasti was able to clear and clearly see help through the grilled window of the prison vehicle.

The seemingly disturbed Dasti insisted that he had been severely beaten by the police and had taken food for six days, and that the rats and scorpions were released into prison as a means of torture.

National Assemblyman Jamshed Dasti.
National Assemblyman Jamshed Dasti.
"As soon as they were arrested, they got me again," MNA added, referring to the incident before the arrest.

Last week Dasthi was arrested by the police before the Anti - Terrorism Court granted his bail application elsewhere and was released from the Central Prison in Multan.

The Muzaffargarh police team arrested Dasti if a civilian police registered against him at home.

Judge Shahbaz Ahmed accepted the six-day trial of the accused.

Dasti claimed that he was framed and false testimony was registered. "I am not a mistake, I am a poor person, they drag me and hit me."

DASTI appealed to CJP to draw attention to his unfair treatment, adding that his sister fought the third cancer and his mother was not well.

"They tortured me too much. I could not sleep for five days," he said.

Dasti told CJP and Syed Mansoor Ali Shah, the Supreme Court Justice of the Lahore High Court, "This is democracy and we are no longer under the rule of President Musharraf.

Imran Khan, Government Criticism
Pakistan's Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan demanded government blame for the imprisonment of Jamshed Dasti and measures to release the MNA.

Professor Khan said in an official statement issued by the authorities, "The pain of Janshed Dasti in prison is ashamed and cruel.

"We have to stop this abuse of Jamshed Dasti and strive for his release," he added.

Khan also posted his accusations on Twitter. He sincerely reveals the authoritarian heritage of the political god Jia, pointing to disgust at Sharif 's fascism.

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