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Judicial Probe Sought Into Parachinar Bombings

Activists from various civil society organizations and political parties have protested against the bloodshed of Parachinar on Wednesday and described the twin bombings as a failure to protect the government 's civic life.

People belonging to another life are those who belong to the Tunku Olasi Tehreek, Dr. Al-Mashh, Awami Labor Party local president Shah Kardak, ANP former MNA Jamila Gilani, Sikh community leader Martino and others led by Peshawar Press Club Participate in demonstrations outside.

They demanded a judicial inquiry into Parachinar's twin bombings and payment of reasonable financial support to the families of those killed.

Participants were shouting slogans against the federal government because they did not take effective steps to protect the people. They condemned the bloodshed in Quetta, Parachinar, Karachi and elsewhere, and Pattt said it was a target without any reason.

Protesters were holding banners and placards carved into their demands.

Speaking to journalists, they said the federal government was not the least concerned about taking active steps to protect the Pakhtun people.

They announced financial support for those who died in the Bahawalpur incident, but did not release such a package for those who died in bombings in Parachinar, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said.

Khattak said that the people of Parachinar are aiming for the only reason they have prevented terrorists from entering Afghanistan to Pakistan. He said that the prime minister, the best of the army and the Chief Justice of Pakistan should take steps to protect people.

Jamila Gilani said the state did not protect the lives of the general public. Mrs Mesh said that the people of Morgana were always targeted, but no one could protect their rights.

He said it is the federal government's duty to protect people and support them financially.

Minority community officer Mutoni wanted the government to take action against the perpetrator and its facilitator, even for minority groups.

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