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Focus On Defences As Users Scramble After Global

Focus on defences as users scramble after global cyberattack

Thousands of computer users around the world were confused by a reboot on Wednesday, and as the new wave of media cyber attacks spread throughout the world in Ukraine and Russia, the phone began to strengthen its defenses.

Lock the file in corporations and government agencies, including the Chernobyl nuclear facilities it requires payment of $ 300 worth Sirs reminiscent WannaCry ransomware virus that hit the world last month and swept more than 20 million users in more than 150 countries.

However, the new attack was much smaller in scale, as Kaspersky Lab, a global cyber security company, estimated the number of victims to 2,000.

I can not immediately know who is in charge.

Europol (Europol) director Rob Wainwright (Rob Wainwright) European Police warned the WannaCry events and "obvious similarities", but "signs of a more sophisticated attack capability to exploit various vulnerabilities."

Some IT professionals have identified new employees as "Petrwrap," a modified version of Petya, which was circulated last year. But Kaspersky described it as a new form of ransomware.

And in a few months after the new cyberattack, the security challenge for the second time around the world has been challenged and there has been an international need to put more emphasis on this issue.

Jens stall Ten bug (Jens Stoltenberg), director of NATO (Nato), while the situation warned that hacking attacks could trigger a mutual defense commitment of the US-led "emphasized the importance of strengthening cyber defense," he said.

Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov, meanwhile, has proved that the demand for Russia's "cooperation" is not "any country can effectively deal with cyber threats anymore".

The Ukrainian government said the attack was halted by Wednesday morning in Ukraine, where the attack was first reported and revealed the worst, but key groups are still reporting the problem.

Despite the assurances, Chernobyl nuclear officials continued to use portable Geiger counters to measure radioactivity levels after monitoring systems were stopped by hacking.

Online input / departure information for Kiev's Boryspil airport has continued to fall, but the board said the hub is fully operational.

Meanwhile, the majority shareholder Oschadbank's system still seemed to be crippled, but delivery services and energy suppliers were faced with some difficulties.

Spread around the world

The attack began early Tuesday at 2 pm in Kiev, Ukraine (about 1100 GMT) and quickly spread to about 80 Ukrainian and Russian companies, the cyber security company IB Group said.

In Russia, large companies including oil company Rosneft were caught in cyber attacks at about the same time.

Later, Western and American multinational companies reported that they were infected with the virus.

Among the companies that reported the problem were Maersk, the UK shipping company WPP, the French industrial group Saint-Gobain, and the US pharmaceutical group Merck.

The Indian government said it stopped working at Maersk's largest container terminal in Mumbai.

In Rotterdam in the Netherlands one of the largest container terminals in Europe had to switch to manual operation due to Wednesday's attack.

Windows Vulnerability

Security experts said Tuesday's cyberattack was aimed at using Ukraine as its main goal, exploiting a vulnerability already patched to Windows software.

Malware once on the computer has locked the user's data to pay and is similar to the recent WannaCry attack. US Software Titan Microsoft also called the latest virus ransomware.

Of MS spokesperson in an interview with AFP "Our initial analysis was ransomware spreading through the use of several technologies, including the technologies addressed by the security update that was available on all platforms from Windows XP to Windows 10 (MS17-010).

In May, Microsoft urged users to use WannaCry to protect their computers with the MS17-010 patch.

These flaws and the means by which they were used were previously disclosed in a pirated document on the cyber system of the US National Security Agency.

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