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FIFA Finds No Cause To Block Russia,

FIFA finds no cause to block Russia, Qatar World Cups

Most FIFA reports of FIFA, the hosts of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, have not made any suggestions that Russia or Qatar will lose their tournament rights, despite the detailed explanations of numerous attempts to influence voting bureaucrats.

FIFA released its 430-page report, released on Tuesday, after FIFA's ethics investigator Michael Garcia completed November 2014 in November 2014. FIFA has decided to publish this document after it was leaked to the German newspaper Bild.

Russia won the 2022 World Cup and Qatar in the 2022 competition in a secret ballot in Zurich in December 2010.

Garcia was asked to investigate after 22 FIFA Executive Committee members continued to assert that there had been an illegal attempt.

In November 2014, the completed report was handed over to Hans-Joachim Eckert to FIFA Ethics Judge, which says there is not enough evidence to resume the bid process, according to a 42-page summary.

Nonetheless, lack of transparency in bidding for two major sporting venues has made the investigation of FIFA offices more closely and led to the prosecution of a number of senior officials and the resignation and ban of FIFA president Cepp Blatter.

Garcia said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Russian President Vladimir Putin have actively supported their national security, but there is no clear violation of FIFA's rules of conduct.

"There is no evidence that the Russian bidding committee has tried to secure its votes by exercising a majority of the influence on the members of the FIFA Executive Committee," he added.

In Qatar, Garcia said, "To the extent that this report confirms the actions of Qatar 2022 that do not comply with the FIFA Code of Ethics or the rules of the tender, this issue has been largely uncovered as a result of its cooperation."

Blatter, who denied the wrongdoing, praised the reforms, including reforms that made the report itself possible, but pointed to "responsibility for the flawed process that created a serious public skepticism."

In order to host the 2018 World Cup with Russia, the UK, Spain / Portugal and Netherlands / Belgium joint bidding was held. Qatar's 2022 tournament rivals were Australia, Japan, the United States and South Korea.

The Swiss Office of the Prosecutor General used Garcia's report as a basis for criminal investigations into the ongoing tournament.

Blatter resigned in 2015 and for six years after his in-house ethics investigation, he banned football.

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