Innergie mMini DC10 (review)

The Innergie mMini DC10 is a car 'cigarette' charger. What makes this different to other chargers is that is has 2 USB sockets that allow charging of 2 devices simultaneously.
There's also a nice blue LED between the USB slots showing that there's power.

It can output 5V at 2.1A making it suitable for charging tablets and other devices.

It comes with a cable that has a clever connector, if snapped together it will power an iPhone/iPad through the Apple dock connection, however if the connector is pulled apart, there's also a micro-USB connection suitable for charging non-Apple products. It's also powerful enough to charge a Blackberry device (which lots of other chargers fail to do).

This really is a useful device and has saved the day on many occasions and it actually does manage to produce a full 10W output.

Online prices vary widely, but it can be had for as low as £12 + shipping.

Definitely 10/10

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