RFEL announces HALO for video processing applications

RFEL Ltd a UK company has announced it's HALO video processing system based on FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) designed for military and counter terrorism use.

The HALO system is offered in a ruggedised enclosure, board only OEM unit and system on module unit for value add systems integrators. As the system uses FPGAs, new functionality can be added to the module at anytime. HALO supports the following video features: -

  • Intelligent fusion of multi-modal imagery, such as from a visible and IR sensor.
  • Image stabilisation, even when the platform is subject to severe vibration, and when imagery is sparse in features or of low contrast.
  • Contrast enhancement to maintain high performance operation in marginal lighting conditions -- visible and IR.
  • Noise reduction for optimising operation in low ambient light and for ensuring robust image fusion.
  • Digital zoom, lens distortion correction, image overlay and support for compression standards.

It supports voltages from 4V to 27V DC.

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