Stop killing my country men and my dreams (Umer)

Every night when I go to bed tired and exhausted ,its becoming hard to get proper sleep as I use to do some years ago.
All day pass with painful news about  the lives lost ,bomb blast here and their .
Just blood see  on TV.
Oh whats happening ,
are we going mad ,where all this hate coming from ,
I  guess I m lucky I was raised by both parents who brought us in an enviorment where there was only love .
I was taught that all human beings are the creation of ALLAH and I have to love everyone without any discretion of religiuon ,colour ,caste or creed.

Then what about these people who kill ,who do not know themselves the reason for taking the lives of such innocent people ,if only they could see the faces of those close to death how their eyes cry for help ,for mercy ,they question as to why ?but their r no answers .

My eyes are  wet ,i cry for a moment ,I sit and think what can I do to make these people realise that you have no right ,no authority to take the lives of others,all that praying ,all that bowing down before ALLAH is a waste of time ,because ALLAH wants us to live in peace and harmony .
He shall decide my reward for all my good deeds ,and the punishment for the bad .
I need to go its time to work another day ,i may forget all that happened yesterday or day before in the  hustle and bustle ,but what when i sit at night before going to bed ,pick up the newspaper to read ,as i did not get anytime during the day ,the same .
But i need to go to bed now ,i have to wake up early .
I have prayed to  ALLAH for those innocent people who lost their lives for no reason ,
For GOD sake do not take away my dreams ,of a world with plenty of plants,all green and beautiful,people smiling ,stopping to ask how i was doing?
It is my dream of a world ,where there is love ,smile and laughfter.
I have a right to my dream.
For GOD sake do not kill my  lovely country men and my dreams .

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