Solar (50 MW) power plant in Bahawalpur to be largest in Pakistan

Conergy joined with energy solutions provider, 
project developer Ensunt to realize 50MW large 
scale solar power plant at Bahawalpur in Cholistan 
region for DACC Power Generation Company 
Limited DPGCL which will be largest in Pakistan,
 one of landmark project in entire Middle East and 
Indian region. It is owned by DPGCL and Pakistan
 government which have now taken on Conergy to
 provide overall planning, engineering, design to facilitate access to power supply and 
make country less vulnerable to power outages.
Doug Melvin, President DPGCL, said: 'The 50MW plant is biggest solar project for 
Pakistan government. Currently, the region is heavily dependent on hydroelectric plants. 
Results are high fluctuations in energy supply, power outages or shortages
. 'We are even looking beyond 50MW."
Marc Lohoff, Conergy Board Member said: 'Potential in Pakistan is enormous: Currently, 
only 63% of country's total population is supplied with power. Due to decentralized 
character of this form of energy and high insulation levels, solar energy is ideally suited 
to close this gap and supply safe, clean, affordable energy."
Once plant is completed, 210,000 Conergy PowerPlus modules on some 210km of 
SolarLine mounting systems will produce more than 78 gigawatt hours of clean energy 
per year. Over 140 Conergy IPG 300C central inverters will then feed solar power into 
Pakistan's grid, supplying 30,500 households with power. Besides private households, 
agriculture will also benefit by using it to run water pumps to water fields and crops.

Due to shortage, parts of the country can occasionally be left without any energy supply 
for up to 18 hours a day resulting in lower productivity, economic instability, 
social unrest. The government scrapped import duty on solar systems creating
 investment incentives for solar plants. With 8-9 hours of sunshine per day and 
annual insulation values of more than 1,700 kilowatt hours per square meter, 
Pakistan's climatic conditions are ideal.

How Solar power project work ?
In solar system the things you need is depend on what you want to do.
 If you want to turn on just lights, bulbs or lamps.
You need these components  So. 

1. Solar Panel
2. Solar Charge Controller
3. Battery
4. DC Lights.CHL or LED bulbs 
These are things that you must have to turn your lights on.  Solar Panel is giving current to 
charge controller. Charge controller charges a battery. And lights are powered
 up by a battery. In this case it is DC lights.

How to connect solar system?

Yes we will tell you about how to connect solar power system together to get 
it to work. First what you have to do is take a closer look at charge controller.  

Charge Controller
We can easily see on charge controller that it have been marked with solar panel, battery and lights. Now the thing is to connect correct wires of solar panel with battery and lights.

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