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The news of the massive hike in fuel prices is shocking enough to send us all in a tizzy. Our dependence on our respective vehicles has made it imperative for all of enough to bow to the inevitable. It�s quite a painful feeling to shell out our hard earned money on expensive fuel bills. Wouldn�t it be very nice if we could simply fly to work, avoid the traffic on the freeways and after all those comforts save immensely on our fuel bills? It may seem like a Utopian thought in the first instance but what if we say that it may just be true. For John McGinnis had designed just what you wanted all this while. Called the synergy aircraft, it can very efficiently save power and is very economical in fuel consumption.
The Synergy is actually a part of NASA�s Green Flight Challenge Project 2011. The project aims at providing people with a better and reasonable alternative for a car. It is the objective of this project to design an aircraft that gives a better mileage than a regular family car and also saves fuel at the same time. The funding requirement for this project is $65,000. Till now they have successfully managed to garner $3000. The members designing the aircraft are appealing for more at their online funds generating website the Kickstarter.
So what will the Synergy aircraft offer us when it is finally ready for takeoff. Let�s have a look.

Synergy : A Flying Machine that Saves Fuel

Synergy is not a bulky aircraft but is compact enough to accommodate up to five people, like how it is in a regular sedan. But the interesting feature is that its fuel efficiency is about 40 miles per gallon. The Synergy can give any regular jet severe competition for it can successfully achieve a fuel efficiency that is 10 times of a small jet. And the icing on the cake is the costing of the Synergy aircraft which is only 10 percent of the normal cost of a small jet.
Shifting to the design and other technicalities of the aircraft, the Synergy comes with a double box that is the shape of a tail. With this special and interesting design the aerodynamic drag of the aircraft is reduced and thus the Synergy is able to provide a much better fuel efficiency which is not possible in a regular aircraft. John McGinnis and his team have conducted many flight tests and they have all proed promising even when the model was only one fourth the size of the original aircraft.
The Synergy unlike a regular aircraft will not fly on a regular jet engine. It will use a propeller engine which is actually a 32 foot Delta Hawked Bio diesel fuelled engine. The team have so far not yet disclosed the actual speed of the aircraft but they intend to provide the fliers with a speed that touches something between 100-450 mph and all this for a minimum of 500 miles.
John McGinnis, the brainchild behind the project and also its team leader, intends to provide families with a better and economical alternative than a car when they�re travelling. It will be flying that just about any family could afford.
It would be a little impossible to imagine at this point in time to encourage everyone to replace their cars with a Synergy aircraft but this aircraft can atleast inspire a generation to create aircrafts such as military jets or even jetliners that are more fuel efficient.

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