Keep in mind that you are in virtual world when you are online.(Umer)

Circumstances do not rise to meet our expectations.Events happen as they do.People behave as they are.Embrace what you actually get.

Open your eyes:see things for what they really are,thereby sparing yourself the pain of false attachments avoidable devastation.
What really frightens and dismays us is not  external events themselves,but the way in which we think about them .it is not things that disturb us ,but our interpretation of their significance.

In virtual world when we  meet some one and have some strong and long term communication .We start feeling a strong bound but its not necessary that  the other personfeel like same .
And when that person get involve in some one else we feel down and emotonally hurt .     
So just have a platonic friendship with your net fellows and if some one serious with you, then ask them to have a face to face meeting first .
Give importance to your self other wise some day you will be cheated as people love to play games and enjoy other people sufferings .

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