Small Business:How to Start Your Export Company.

What�s the secret of creating an export company? Well, you don�t have to be a manufacturer, an importer or even have your own private products. What you need is knowledge, knowledge of where you want to export and how to contact the importers, distributors, stores or customers in that country. Once you do that getting products is the easy part. Just ask them what they need! Keep reading to find a quick overview of how to get started.
If you�re looking to make a little extra money or completely replace your current job, you will want to consider trying to begin an export company. However, many people think that this process needs to be difficult or time-consuming and that just isn�t the case. Instead of listening to everyone else�s reasons for not getting into exporting, why not listen to the easy process that will get you off and running?

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Beginning an exporting business does not require you to have a lot of capital, meaning that you don�t have to have a lot of start up cash to get off and rolling � quite the opposite. What you do need is a lot of attention to detail and a willingness to work hard. There are lot of  businesses in the Pakistan that actually export to other countries, so you will need to figure out a way to establish yourself or maker relationships with those companies.
You might want to start by heading to the country that you wish to export to in order to set up business contacts. You can even start this process by taking to local contacts to see if they could refer you to anyone that might want to work with you and buy your particular products. Even if you meet with these referrals and they don�t end up being profitable, you may meet someone else through them that might work out well.
What you do have going for you is that fact that you are a minority in the field. This tends to sound like a disadvantage, but it really isn�t. When you�re unique in this respect, you will be able to draw more attention than you could with hundreds of other competitors. Try to focus on your uniqueness when you are trying to find retailers and show how you are different from the wholesalers they may already be using.
How are you different? This is the first question that any business should ask in order to establish their reputation. When you�re looking to be a prominent part of someone�s business, you need to show them what your value is. Think about what your product offers that other supplier products may not offer. If there are no differences, talk about your pricing and how much lower it is � assuming that it is. Maybe you can cut down on the delivery and shipping costs that other wholesalers might charge. Find a way to make yourself different.
Exporting also requires that you know a lot about moving goods in and out of the country. Sitting down with another local exporter can be a valuable lesson in what to do and what not to do. Or you can talk to your local government agencies to see how they might be able to guide you. It�s always better to research too much in this area rather than too little. A small problem with customs can lead to bigger problems with finding consumers that want to buy from you without running into issues.

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