Wake up to prevent children from Pedophile.

Every now and then we get news of child sexual abuse in Pakistan.In most of the cases abuser kill the child.   According to a report from World Health Organization (WHO), one in every four girls and one in every seven boys in the world are sexually abused.In Pakistan every day average  4 children are abused ( Data ,sahil-2005 .www.sahil.org )
Though child sexual abuse has been a social evil throughout the history of mankind, it has become the most dangerous crime of today. It is prevalent everywhere all over the world, in underdeveloped as well as developed countries and in rural as well as urban areas. It is so prevalent that it is not even considered that it is a crime. Little buds are exploited cruelly just for a temporary gratification of sexual perverts. There are reports that children had been sexually abused even by some parents.  Sometimes, the relatives who have been entrusted to look after the children had turned abusers. According to a study, more than 55 per cent of children all over the world have faced one or more forms of sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse affects individuals greatly physically and mentally. The affected children grow into problem children and are unable to face problems. It has created a lot of problems in marital and social lives. The effected child becomes withdrawn, reserved, nervous and submissive. The abuse leaves deep, long lasting scars in the subconscious minds of children. The greater concern of child abuse is the long-term psychological effects exposed in so many ways at a later date.
Eight suggestions to prevent child sexual abuse
Child sexual abuse has to be handled carefully as it is a very delicate matter.
1) Creating awareness
Most of the child sexual abuses cause because of ignorance of both parents and children. In our country, most of these cases go unnoticed because of ignorance. Parents and children should be made aware of such abuses.
In Pakistan, children were found to be victims of a slew of sexual crimes � rape, sodomy, exposure to pornographic material, fondling, forcible kissing and sexual advances, among others. Community centers can do much help to control most of these crimes.  
2) Educate the parents and caregivers
Lack of parenting skills is one of the main causes of chills sexual abuse. They should be guided properly to be aware of these situations. Society should have a great concern about this need of the parents. The caregivers should learn the skills necessary for good parenting.
3) Build up confidence between children and parents
Confidence and love play a vital role in families. The children should be able to confide their parents and share with them anything without fear confidently. Parents should pay heed to what their children say. 
4) Community must act
Communities have greater part in preventing these abuses. It is a social responsibility. They should arrange parenting classes, books, and seminars to provide information to the parents. Writers, activists, psychiatrists, NG Organizations can do a lot of service in this regard.
5) Help from other parents
There is nothing wrong in seeking the help of other parents for tips and advice to prevent situations that may lead to sex abuses.
6) Learning the common warning signs of child abuse
Generally sexually abused children are afraid of sharing their experiences even with their parents. They are excessively withdrawn, fearful, nervous, or anxious about doing something wrong. Change in behavior should alert the parents.
7) Counteract to abuse situations
The culprits should be tackled carefully so as to avoid further abuses. If it is neglected, it will lead to a culture of silence and shame increasing incidents of sexual violence against children. The Government also should promulgate severe laws against such crimes.
8)Get professional help
Never hesitate to get professional help. Prevention is better than cure. It is always better to be forewarned and try all means to avoid child sexual abuses. Nowadays more voluntary social organizations and professionals are coming forward to extend counseling to the affected and also advice to the needy.
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