Rebuild Pakistan & its first project (Skilled Youth )

We citizens of Pakistan want a new educated healthy and prosperous strong Pakistan.
I know an individual have some limitations to participate in any activity that can help our country to grow and become a economical power .
But i believe in the strength and commitment of our educated class .
I have an idea and im working on it .
The idea is to train and give skill's  to our young generation.
We have more then 30 million under 18 boys and girls .most of them are from poor families and can not afford higher education .Your little help can change their fate .
If we train them to earn their bread and butter in respect full way .They would contribute in economical activity .
All big powers had start with home base small industries (Cottage Industry ) like China and Japan .We too can train our youth so they can start or part of  such industries .
There are more then 100 such skills .And there are number of skill base training institutes in all over Pakistan.
One of such institute offering one month to three month training in gems and jeweler  industry that too with out any cost . ( )
(Gov Gems and Jewelery Training and ManufacturingCenter).
And few training centers are charging nominal fee.
I need your participation.Send me your ideas and tell me that can you spare your 3 hours per week to help our youth .You will not need to spend any money just your time .
other details will be mailed you soon .
best regards
Danish Umer .

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