Solar Energy Potential in Pakistan.

Pakistan, being on the Sun Belt, is highly suitable for generation of electricity through solar. Global irradiation falling on the horizontal surface is about 1,800-2,200 kWh/m2 per year. At current efficiency levels of 18% for solar modules this is sufficient to produce 0.320 to 0.400 MWh of electricity per m2 per year (Source: German National Meteorological Service - DWD). Balochistan province is particularly rich in solar energy, with annual mean sunshine duration of 8 - 8.5 hours a day. It is estimated that this amount of energy is enough to electrify 40,000 villages. In Pakistan, during the early 80s, about 18 stations were installed for village electrification with an installed capacity of 440 kW. However, due to the lack of technical expertise and follow up, these systems could not perform in the long term. Recognizing this problem, the Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technology (PCRET) has developed know-how and the technology to fabricate solar panel modules and systems. Solar energy is currently being utilized in Pakistan on a standalone basis in rural telephone exchanges, repeater stations, highway emergency telephones, and refrigeration for vaccines and medicines

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