Led Bulbs are solution of our load shedding .

Its fact the short fall of electricity is approximatively 3300 Mega Watts  in our country .
We have 2 solutions either we produce it or save it.
To save 3300 MW .
We need to replace our tube lights to LED bulbs .
one 4 feet tube light consume 40Watts and to replace this tube we need 7 watts LED bulb .
By replacing every Tube Light we can save 33Watts of electricity .
The Price of the 7 watts LED Bulb with 10 year guaranty is US$ 10 per piece .
We would  need 10 Karor such bulbs and the total cost of project is One Billion US Dollars .
100 million X 10$ = 1,000,000,000.
Now assume if we ask China to donate us LED bulbs rather then cash or ask them to install
a factory in Pakistan for this purpose .
I hope China will happily accept this proposal but our leaders would not .

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